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Fuze Power is one of the leading renewable energy companies for solar power in South Carolina. We can meet all of your solar power needs from pre-qualification to installation. Learn more about solar power, renewable energy, and what it could mean for you below:

What is Solar Power?

Solar power is energy that has been converted into thermal or electric energy from sunlight. This can be done through photovoltaics, concentrated solar power, or a combination of the two. It is the cleanest and more renewable form of energy source available.

What are Solar Panels?

Solar panels at the source the convert sunlight into electricity. They use photovoltaics to turn light energy into usable electricity for your house or business. These panels are installed on rooftops to absorb sunlight and generate an electric current. The two kinds of solar panels are crystalline silicon and thin film.

How to Generate Solar Energy

Solar energy is generated through photons from the sun and photovoltaic cells. These photons and cells are collected through a solar grid and converted into usable and sustainable energy that is then transmitted to an electronic device.

South Carolina Solar Power

Solar power in South Carolina is becoming increasingly more popular—and it’s easy to see why.Going solar not only reduces environmental waste but also saves you money. South Carolina offers a tax credit, plus there is a federal tax credit available. These tax credits can cover a significant amount of the installation cost. With solar panels—the upfront cost of installation is the costliest part. After that, you will continue to save money. Say goodbye to electric bills with solar power!

How to Install Solar Panels

The process of installation has become easier and easier as it increases in popularity and technology advances. At Fuze Power, our expert and experienced technicians can help streamline the process and have your solar panels installed in no time. Installation involves panels and equipment that produce large amounts of electricity in the sunlight and can be dangerous—it should be done by a professional.

This is where Fuze Power can help you out. We are a residential solar energy contractor based in Columbia, South Carolina—but we serve the entire state of South Carolina! Call today to schedule your free consultation.

First an energy advisor will take a look at your roof to determine the best locations for solar panels. Next, then will get a copy of your current electric bill for the pre-qualification process andenergy analysis—this is where you’ll learn how much you can save with solar power! Fuze Power will then present you with financing options and help you to obtain a permit. After all of that is in place, your solar panels will be installed and inspected by a professional.

Included with your solar panel installation is an energy-efficient package to increase your savings. It comes with LED light bulbs, smart thermostats, and added insulation. Call Fuze Power now at (803) 445-1216 to schedule your free consultation