Rest easy with reliable, renewable power. There when you need it.

Power your home or office building with clean and renewable electricity with a solar installation and additional battery storage.

Solar Power Battery Storage From Sunlight


Draw your energy from the most reliable source—the sun.

Solar Power Battery Storage For Protection


Avoid power outrages when you have back up power built up.

Solar Power Battery Storage Savings


Take control of your monthly power bill with solar energy.


Keep The Lights On Even When The Power Is Out


When storms and blackouts inevitably happen, you don’t need to be left in the dark. With Fuze Power and battery storage, you can have energy saved up—energy you can use anytime. You have the power, even when your neighbors are powerless.


Fuze Power Install Solar Panels In South Carolina

Fuze Power install solar panels that generate more energy, sends it to the battery, and stores it up for later use.

Fuze Power Use Software To Manage Power Sources

We use software to manage power sources (both grid and battery) to best utilize energy use.

Fuze Power Battery Backups South Carolina

Battery backups provide energy when needed. When this battery is depleted, it will start charging again as it draws electricity from the grid.

Control your energy usage when you use solar power and battery storage. Calculate what you can save in electricity bills here.

How Do Home Solar Batteries Work?

How Do Home Solar Batteries Work?

Residential Battery Storage 101

Residential Battery Storage 101

Residential Storage FAQs

Residential Storage FAQs

How Many Solar Panels do You Need?

How Many Solar Panels do You Need?

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