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Do you dread opening your electric bill each month? If you’re tired of paying high energy bills, you should consider installing solar panels on your home. FuzePower is a residential solar energy contractor based in Columbia. We serve the entire state of South Carolina, so call today to schedule your free consultation.

When you go solar, you save big. The average homeowner saves $50,000 when they make the switch. Investing in solar power is similar to investing in a home instead of renting. There is a larger expense up front, but it pays off over time as you pay less and less. It’s an investment that pays off big time. You can be free of dealing with electric companies and bills. Go solar now to save in the long run.

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Before you get solar panels installed, you’ll want to ensure your roof can handle the extra weight and stress. Do you know if your roof can handle it? Contact Fuze Power! Our team will inspect your roof and surroundings. We’ll measure the area of your roof, examine surrounding trees that could impact installation, and locate positions for roof vents, antennas, satellite dishes, and anything else that may need to be moved. We’ll take care of all it! Just give us a call to get started.

If a new roof is required for solar use, you can claim up to 30% of roofing costs in your Federal Solar Tax Credit. Plus, the cost of roofing can be included in a potential solar loan. There are many affordable and simple ways to ensure that your roof is ready to go solar. Solar panels are a permanent installation—it’s better to be prepared than to deal with the trouble of a damaged roof.



Solar panels will save you money in numerous ways. Once you’ve installed solar panels, you can expect lower electricity bills and up to a 30% tax break under the Federal Solar Tax Credit. The amount of money you’ll save will differ based on how much energy you use and where you live. Go green and save some green with Fuze Power. Installing solar panels will not only save you money over the years, but it will also increase your property value. Whether it’s for a house or business, numerous studies have shown that people are willing to pay more for properties that have solar energy capabilities.

Having proper insulation in your home is another way to be energy efficient. Insulation in your walls provides resistance to heat flow—over time it will lower your heat and cooling costs as your house is more able to stay cool or stay warm. Insulation will not only lower electricity bills but also help your home to be more comfortable.

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Whether it’s the heat of the summer or the dead of winter, many houses have their HVAC system running around the clock. This can be a bigger energy sucker. According to, the average American household with a central air conditioner uses 3000-5000 watts of power per hour for an average of nine hours a day. That’s a lot of power! But you can cool, heat, and ventilate your house with so much less energy with a little help from Fuze Power

Replace your HVAC with a newer, more energy efficient model. Older models are less energy efficient, whereas newer models have been designer to produce more with less energy usage. This can save you money as it brings down your electricity bill, puts less strain on your solar panels. Less strain means a longer life span for your solar panels.