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When you go solar, you save big. The average homeowner saves $50,000 when they make the switch. Investing in solar power is similar to investing in a home instead of renting. There is a larger expense up front, but it pays off over time as you pay less and less. It’s an investment that pays off big time. You can be free of dealing with electric companies and bills. Go solar now to save in the long run.

Going solar isn’t just good for your bank account, but for the environment too! You’ll be lessening your carbon footprint and giving back, all while saving big bucks.
Solar Energy Increase The Value Of Your Home

Increase the value of your home

Installing a solar system on your home may increase its value 3%-4%.​

Solar Energy Renewable Energy Source

Renewable Energy Source

Become your home’s power plant and harness energy from the sun.

Solar Energy Reduces Electricity Bills

Reduces Electricity Bills

Installing residential solar panels may reduce your power bill and won’t increase with time.

Solar Energy Low Maintenance Costs

Low Maintenance Costs

Solar Panels are extremely durable and require very little to no maintenance costs.

Solar Energy Better For The Environment

Better for the environment

Solar Panels convert energy from the sun into clean and pure energy for your home

Why Choose Fuze Power Solar Panels in South Carolina


Fuze Power is a local company. When you go with us, you’ll be helping the environment and the economy! Supporting local companies keeps the money in your local economy and helps it to thrive.
At Fuze Power, we value customer support above all. As our customer, you are our number one priority. Our experienced team of hard working professionals will work with you personally to achieve your sustainable energy goals. Quality customer service and complete satisfaction is the most important thing at Fuze Power.


“Fuze power came out and was amazing to work with. They even worked around our HOA guidelines and thought outside the box to maximize power!!


“Fuze power was very knowledgeable, helpful and educating about solar and its benefits to me. I enjoyed working with them from start to finish. Thank you Fuze Power! Go solar, go Fuze power!


Investing in solar panels will not only increase your home’s value, but will help you to save money, and give you a tax break! Say goodbye to energy bills! With solar panels, you’ll be getting your energy for free. No more dealing with electric companies. Switching to solar energy will allow you to generate clean energy for your house—eliminating the need for electric bills.
Aside from saving money and eliminating energy bills, South Carolina offers an amazing solar energy tax credits, making it much easier to get a system installed. As a resident of South Carolina, there are many benefits to going solar and having solar panels installed at your house.
Going solar in South Carolina means getting some substantial tax breaks. There are many state and federal tax credits available for homeowners with solar power. In South Carolina, the tax credits you receive for using solar power in your home can cover up to 55% of the cost of your solar panels. You can really cut the costs of installing your solar panels with South Carolina’s state tax credit for solar energy. If you don’t pay enough taxes to claim this credit in any given year, it does carry over for future years.
Houses that have solar energy capabilities tend to sell faster and for more money compared to those that don’t. Zillow reported that solar panels increase a home’s value by 4.1% across the US. If you’re looking to increase your home’s resale value, installing a solar energy system is the way to go. Solar panels are a true investment in your home.
Fuze Power, will be with you through the entire process. As a homeowner, we know that you are wary about anything going on at your house. We’ll be there from site analysis and educating the homeowner all the way to installation and inspections. We help provide proposal designs, deal with permitting, provide engineering and installation, and come back for inspections and warranties.
With our solar panel installation, we provide the option to increase the energy-efficiency of your home that will help to increase your energy savings. This package includes LED light bulbs, smart thermostats, and added insulation—all things that will help your home to be energy efficient, reduce your home’s need for “extra energy generation, and save money.
Our experienced team can handle any job, let us prove it to you. If you live in South Carolina and are interested in going solar, we can help! Contact us at Fuze Power with any of your questions about solar energy.


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