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Roof Insulation Panels South Carolina

Solar panels will save you money in numerous ways. Once you’ve installed solar panels, you can expect lower electricity bills and up to a 30% tax break under the Federal Solar Tax Credit. The amount of money you’ll save will differ based on how much energy you use and where you live. Go green and save some green with Fuze Power.


Installing solar panels will not only save you money over the years, but it will also increase your property value. Whether it’s for a house or business, numerous studies have shown that people are willing to pay more for properties that have solar energy capabilities.


Aside from solar panels, there are many other ways to save money and energy in your house. Making a few small changes throughout your house can make all the difference.

Energy Efficient Roof Insulation


Having proper insulation in your home is another way to be energy efficient. Insulation in your walls provides resistance to heat flow—over time it will lower your heat and cooling costs as your house is more able to stay cool or stay warm. Insulation will not only lower electricity bills but also help your home to be more comfortable.


There many energy efficient light bulbs that can help you light your home for less money. Many light bulbs that spend up to 90% of their energy as heat, not light—that is lost energy and more costly. Make the switch to incandescent or LED light bulbs to save energy and save money.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs


There are a few other ways you can make your home more energy efficient—including installing smart thermostats. Smart thermostats can be programmed to lower and raise the heat when needed. No need to heat or cool a whole house when no one is there—program your thermostat to lower or raise the heat during the day when one is there. This is a great way to save money and be more energy efficient.